Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Changing the Game

Okay so sometimes life throws you curve balls. Granted, mine throws me a lot of them.

This new one is kinda fun and very scary though. 10 days ago I lost my job. It was an amicable separation, though the timetable was moved up a bunch. I took a months severance and gracefully exited. That severance went straight into my emergency fund, and that combined with some other money I have saved means that I have enough money to cover four months worth of bills, assuming I make absolutely no money at all.

So what does this mean for me? Well, I'm now officially a full time independent theatre technician. Meaning I do freelance tech work for a living. I'm hoping to get booked for some work soon, though when you hit the circuit full time, it takes a bit to warm up and get your name out there. I have two days of work booked for November and will be doing some other on the side things to hopefully make a bit more money.

Budget-wise, the focus of this blog is now going to be on meeting my monthly goal. I need to make $1265 a month in order to cover all my bills. This includes $600 that I pay towards my student loan every month. I'll be starting each month at zero. Bear in mind though, this does not include food or gas. This is just my bills. I'll be keeping my incidental expenses as teeny tiny as I possibly can.

At the end of the month, if I didn't make my goals, I'll be pulling from my emergency fund to make up the difference. I'm hoping that I won't have to do that much though.

So there we go. I walked to the edge and I jumped. Now lets just hope my parachute opens!