Friday, May 30, 2008

Art is Life

After a stressful move, an international trip, a wedding, and a funeral I feel as though I am able to get back to working on this blog.
I have been working a little on photography again, which I enjoy greatly. I'm very drawn to photographing flowers and I am not that great at it, but I feel as though I am learning.

One of my great goals this year is to get out of debt, so I am also hoping that if my ability with photography improves, I might be able to use it as a vehicle to make a little extra money. I've gone and updated my DeviantArt and added the option for people to purchase prints. If that happens, I would be ecstatic... we shall see!

To see more of my work check here.

In the writing department, I am still researching an article on Superfruits, and writing an article about the importance of interning during college.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Where Oh Where?

It is the bane of my existence and the usurper of my time. Ironically, though I moved just up the street, I feel like I just moved half way across the country. Finally, most of the boxes are unpacked, most of the walls are painted, and most of my sanity is restored. I look forward to writing more and catching up on all of my projects. For now, though, expect a new post on Ever the Giver coming up in response to the cyclone in Myanmar.