Monday, May 15, 2017

Hey! Remember Me?

Well hello there.
It's been a while since we hung out. About 4 or 5 years I think.
What's new with me?
Well lets see. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I got married. I changed careers. I now make a six figure income and work from home. My only debt is the mortgage on my house.
Quite the change, huh? I've come a long way baby.

But I'm back. And why am I back?

Because I'm not the kind of person that can sit back and have no goals. I need to be striving. I need to be working. I need to be doing.

I'm an entrepreneur, a business person, and a hard worker and my job is.... well, not super fulfilling. And I don't want to do it forever. And I hate my mortgage.

So I'm going to see about shifting things. It's time to get back to pursuing new businesses and working towards truly, honestly, and really aiming for a life with no debt.

I'm starting a couple of new ventures. I'm taking $2000 and splitting them into two kinds of investment. One will be building a new small business. The other will be using investing to generate passive income. I'm going to see which one works best, and we're going to chat about that here. Along with some other things.

So if you're still here, hi. If you're new, welcome.

Let's see where this goes now.