Monday, January 11, 2010

Saving Money in Odd Places

Now that I'm back to my regularly scheduled "holy cow I'm broke" routine, I may randomly throw a few of my money saving tips your way. And this one is for the ladies out there (or the boys, hey, I'm no judge and I love bold guys).

A while ago, I went to my doctor and mentioned that my eyes are sometimes itchy. She recommended that I was more vigilant about removing my eye makeup (I have been known to refer to my mascara as armor). She told me to try using baby shampoo to remove my eye make-up with at night and I tell you something, that woman is an absolute genius. I put just the tiniest dab of baby shampoo which is $3.99 for 20 fl oz on a damp cotton ball, swipe it over my eyelids, then flip over the cotton ball and use the clean side to wipe up any shampoo residue.

It's amazing, fast, no tears is true, and it's amazingly cheap. I think that bottle of shampoo will probably last me for several years. I've been doing this for four months and I've made no noticeable dent at all in the bottle.

On another note, this month I think might be my very first month that I "break even", meaning that my income covers my living expenses (not counting gas and food). Fingers crossed!