Friday, August 28, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

The American Express credit card is paid!
I just put in a chunk of money on that and some on my ING overdraft, which leaves my overdraft at $810.33. My consumer debt is now under $1,000 and I am so stoked!
I haven't even put my money from my paycheck on it yet. I'm about to be a seriously happy girl.

I'm trying not to jinx it, because the universe has a tendency to smite me... but I'm so close to only having my student loan to deal with. So very very close!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Things have been hectic as usual, working as much as possible and getting the debt down.
I've cleared my Bank of America credit card. This started with a balance of over $6,000. Now it's all gone! I only have $280 left on my American Express and $1100 on my Overdraft from ING. If all goes as anticipated, I'm looking at having this all done by September 15th. That's in 26 days!
Pending mass chaos, this means I am on track to start working on my Student Loan and things are going really really well.

I plan on starting to do some pretty hefty saving to try and work on the whole buffer thing. My student loan payments will be set at $600 so I'll have some breathing room, which is really great.

I'm working hard on getting more technical theatre work, which is a big goal of mine. Basically, all is well in finance land.