Thursday, August 20, 2009


Things have been hectic as usual, working as much as possible and getting the debt down.
I've cleared my Bank of America credit card. This started with a balance of over $6,000. Now it's all gone! I only have $280 left on my American Express and $1100 on my Overdraft from ING. If all goes as anticipated, I'm looking at having this all done by September 15th. That's in 26 days!
Pending mass chaos, this means I am on track to start working on my Student Loan and things are going really really well.

I plan on starting to do some pretty hefty saving to try and work on the whole buffer thing. My student loan payments will be set at $600 so I'll have some breathing room, which is really great.

I'm working hard on getting more technical theatre work, which is a big goal of mine. Basically, all is well in finance land.

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knittydirtygirl said...

Wow, great job Redd! =)