Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doctors Without Borders

I have been a supporter of Doctors Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres) for some time. I think this organization is one of the most important and well-meaning organizations around right now. I feel that it warrants supporting, and it warrants writing about.
Let me give you a little back story into why I feel strongly about this.
I feel that the Medical Profession, especially in America, is very very corrupt. I feel as though not all, but a significant amount of Doctors are in it for the money. The humanitarian idea of going through Medical School to save lives seems to be waning. I state, again, that I know this is not the case for everyone, and that this is only my opinion. I understand the human need to make money to survive, but I feel as though the state of the medical profession in America is so deeply capitalist that it has lost sight of what is important. People. Happy, healthy people. Children that can get medicine any time they need it. Adults who don't have to suffer through mountains of debt because they were in an accident. It shouldn't be this way.
Doctors Without Borders is an organization that goes into any country in the world, even those war torn and dangerous, to offer medical aid to those in need. It's that simple, and it's that hard.
When people think about humanitarian needs in the world right now, they might think about the conflicts in Iraq, or the problems in Darfur.
Did you know that there are also majorly under-reported humanitarian issues in Somalia, Zimbabwe, Armenia, Abkhazia, Georgia, Cambodia, Kenya, Thailand, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Niger, Sri Lanka, Congo, Columbia, Myanmar, Central Africa and Chechen? And that isn't the whole list. Trust me.
Doctors Without Borders helps bring not only immediate emergency relief, but also puts in place vaccination programs, water sanitation, works to combat hunger, and provides shelter where they can. They do this without prejudice, and often with considerable risk to themselves. These are often licensed Doctors who are giving their time to this cause. They are taking time out from their practices and their families and they are flying half way around the world at times to help people they don't know. They deserve some serious kudos.
I am writing this mostly because I am broke. I donated money back in December. Not a lot of money, but that which I had. I'm going to ask you a favor. Next time you think about going to Starbucks, or you go out to eat and think about getting dessert, or maybe you go to buy yourself something online, stop. Have a think and remember what I just wrote. Then don't buy that one item, that one time. Take that money and donate it to Doctors Without Borders. Even a few dollars can do so very much. As an example, $3.75 will provide a child in a famine stricken country with 2 nourishing meals a day for two weeks. Thats roughly a Grande Vanilla Latte. If you do decide to donate, make a comment here and revel in your goodness.

And thank you, so very very much for reading.

Doctors Without Borders

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