Thursday, September 9, 2010

Domino Effect

One thing tends to lead to another it seems. July was a rough financial month with me only earning about $322. That wiped out my savings and adding in several other bills has cascaded and put me back in debt.
Next month it'll be a year since I started working full time as a freelancer. I was hoping to end my first year in the black, and I'm sad I didn't, but with the work I have booked I'm not running back to corporate America. I seem to be making this work.
I am, however, on a total spending freeze. We will be eating from our limited pantry. I have purchased Christmas knitting supplies, and I have no other upcoming major bills until November. It's time to recover. I'm even considering taking my credit cards out of my purse.
Sometimes it is just so darn easy to swipe a card. I'm mad at myself for that.
I think I'm going to be able to knock about $400 off my debt this month, but as I owe $2300 that's not going to feel like much of am improvement.
On the plus side, I'm working on a really cool show and I've been slogging through my reading goal for the year. The plan was 60 books. I doubt that I'll hit that but I feel like I've been doing pretty well.
I've really got to get back on the whole making extra money thing. I'm working full time during the day right now though which makes it harder. Just gotta keep trucking.

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