Monday, June 13, 2011

Using Overage to Pay for Produce

I went to Walmart very late last night on my way home because there was an opportunity for a saving that I didn't want to miss out on.

As a couponer, it can be very challenging to buy things like produce or proteins like meat and fish. We eat fish primarily in my house and I'm always sad when we run out because I know it'll take up a huge chunk of my grocery budget.

So I discovered that at Walmart, travel sized Dial body wash was on sale for $0.97. Also, a recent Manufacturer's coupon for $2 off any Dial Lotion or Body Wash with no size restriction meant that I could take these coupons to the store and use overage to purchase items I can't normally buy cheaply. I had six coupons and they happened to have six body wash left. So I purchased 2lb fish fillets, some fresh garlic and fresh ginger, along with 6 tiny bottles of Body wash for $1.65. This was down from $13.18 for a savings of 87%.

This is a rare feat, but a good one!

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