Sunday, March 16, 2008


The streets were littered with glass from the Westin Hotel. The tornado has punched windows out, making jagged holes with curtains flapping about. Down the street, a shattered car lay beneath the rubble of a building.
You don't expect to see that in Atlanta. We are a city. A big city. Tornadoes aren't supposed to happen here. This was the first time a tornado has ever hit downtown Atlanta. Lofts were destroyed, pillars in Centennial Olympic Park were crumbled. It was insane.
It reminded me too much of New Orleans. The destruction and debris was minimal in comparison, but the understanding that nature had just taken a fairly big shot at the city was apparent. It could have been worse. Much worse.
I walked through the streets with my camera. I wanted to capture it, archive it. I wanted to show the world that something was seriously wrong here. That things are changing and that this won't be the last time. I felt powerless and angry.
The strangest thing was that I also felt guilty. Guilty for being a person that contributes to this mess. Guilty of being a human being, hell bent on scarring the earth and sticking my tongue out at nature in all of her awesome glory. I don't recycle enough. I use too much energy. I buy too much non-biodegradable junk. I am not helping.
I should be helping. I should be thinking. I should be doing more.
This will happen again.

To see my archival pictures of the damage please go here

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