Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's Raining Today

The rain is dripping from the oak tree above my house onto the roof above my head. The thin tiles protect from the water, but not the sound. It is steady, calm.
On days like today, when the world is grey and dark, I feel okay about staying in my pajamas and working from home.
Days like this were meant for table lamps and blankets, not fluorescent lights and artificial heaters. They were meant for cups of tea and writing from your bed instead of your desk. They were made for avoiding the world, not seeing anyone except your spouse, and getting all your work caught up on. These are the days of mashed potatoes and chocolate cake. Carbohydrates that you will never work off because you won't walk more than twenty feet at a time.
These are the days when I am calm and peaceful. I am wrapped up in my own world and my own life, and no one can shatter it with deafening noise. These are the days that I look forward to when winter has remained persistent.
I am happy today.

Written 02/06/08

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