Tuesday, April 7, 2009

March Net Worth Update

Well it was all going so well and now I'm utterly screwed. I had to pay a $3500 lump sum payment and as a result of me having to borrow some money from my parents, they have now put me on what feels like an impossible payment plan for my student loan. I honestly feel lost, like I'm never going to get out of this. But I've felt like that before and I've made progress so I just have to buck up, work really hard, and knuckle down and get this taken care of. Because I had to empty all my accounts, my NetWorth has taken a pretty bad hit.

Here is the break down for this month:


Car Value - $2,730 (No change)

Prosper Loans - $200 ($205)

Cash Savings - $0 ($732)

Roth IRA - $34 ($20)


Student Loans - $25,781 ($23,781)

BOA Credit Card - $4,617 ($4, 559)

Scooter Loan - $944 ($1,210)

Net Worth

- $28,378 (-$25,863)

That's a 9.72% backslide.

So now, I'd on an incredibly tight budget. I have to add in paying my parents $500 every month to a budget that was already tight. This means that I won't be able to focus on my interest bearing consumer debt, which drives me nuts. Because taxes are due this month, my new budget will go into effect in April.

I just moved to a new apartment that is cheaper and my husband and I have separated out our living expenses since we are living apart right now. I would normally pay $1100 for our living expenses. Now that I have moved I'm estimating my expenses to be:

$825 - Rent
$35 - Water
$20 - Internet
$50 - Power
$50 - Gas

$960 - Total

Then I have some joint expenses that I share with my husband and my share of these is:

$65 - Phone
$38 - Insurance
$65 - Joint Credit Card

$168 - My share

So that's $1,128 for living expenses and joint bills. This is a little more than I have been paying, but if we can get rid of our stupid joint credit card or at least get those payments down lower, or if I can keep my utilities low because I am estimating conservatively, then I think I will mostly be okay. I'm going to be piling as much extra money as I can on to my scooter loan and then my credit card in the hopes that I can get those paid off, though current projections put that at 15 months away if I pay no extra.

I'm going to have to start querying and trying to find side jobs again, which is a scary prospect when you are already working 50-60 hours a week.

I'll make it work somehow, I always do. I'm passed the panic and just into anger and frustration now. Next month my network won't look much better. But I should start to see some progress in May.

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