Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm working hard. Really hard. And it's really starting to pay off!
I've nearly got that credit card under $3,000 which feels really really good. I'm working a bunch of extra hours at my part time job over the next month and that will allow me to hit the card even harder.
As things stand, with no extra money going on the card other than money from my full time job, I will have it paid off by October 15th! I'm anticipating that I'll have it paid off sooner because I am still putting extra monies towards it.
I'm also maybe getting a roommate towards the end of the year. A really good friend has been staying with me and I love having her around. She might need a new place in October and if she does, I've told her I would love to have her move in. That would cut a huge chunk out of my living expenses which would be incredibly beneficial to me.
After this card is paid off, I have a really awesome master plan for getting financially stable. I'm worn out and a bit stressed, but I'm making great progress.

I've got my Networth nearly updating and I will be putting that up soon. Expect to be wowed by my awesomeness. It was a good month :-)

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Family Man said...

Congrats on getting thr Debt Down!