Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a Difference A Roommate Makes

My new roommate moved in with me a week or so ago and it was a really great idea. She and I keep pretty different schedules so we are out of each others way, and I'm now paying half the rent I was and will soon be splitting the utilities. Where is all of this extra money going? Why, on debt of course! I'm not even budgeting for it, instead I'm counting it as "extra income" so that I can throw it straight at my debt. It should help me get caught up with everything much quicker and I confess, it's nice to have someone else around.

My part time work has tailed off this month as my theater has closed while they rebuild the stage, but I hope to go back to working extra there next month, which will also help greatly with the debt repayment. As things go, I'm doing quite well. I do need to cut the spending down as I now have an overdraft due to a vet and a dentist bill. I should be able to clear that quite quickly though. I had to wipe out my emergency fund for the vet so that's a bit sucky. But hey, perseverance is key and I'm sure it'll all be okay!

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