Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Income Stream : Distilled Rose Teas

Last year I sold my bath and beauty company. I'd spent four years building it up, and I'd gotten everything I wanted out of it. I had developed a great product line that I was happy with. I was happy when I found someone else to take it over, and Cottonwood Herbals have been carrying my products ever since.

Now, after several months of thinking, I'm ready to start a new company. I've been batting the idea of creating an herbal tea company around for years and now I've taken the plunge. Today I started Distilled Rose Teas! I'm starting with just a few kinds of tea, but I'm hoping to build up to maybe 20 different teas.

I'm hoping that I'll start getting orders soon! Starting your own business is a great way to form an alternate income stream and to be creative.

Have you ever considered starting your own business?


Deva said...

I've dabbled with selling my photography on etsy before, with a small amount of success. Things got really busy and hectic for a while and I stopped adding things to my shop (I haven't had anything listed in about 2 years), but I am seriously considering jumping back into it during the summertime! I currently work at a school, and while I don't have the summers off, I will be working shorter hours, which will allow me to spend more time building up my shop.

Good luck with the tea business--I will definitely be checking it out!

Family Man said...

I have often wanted to start my own business. I hopefully can over the next few years. Sound like you may have sold your old business at just the right time.

Anonymous said...

Why yes. Xmax games will open on the 24th. with a 20 computer LAN center and all sorts of great boardgames and RP books. It will be a blast if it doesn't ruin me first.