Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Poll for Future Saturday Content

Now that the new year is here, I am hoping to make a couple of changes on this blog and I have a questions for you. What would you like to see as the Saturday weekly post from me?

I have a little poll here and would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to vote on what you would like in the comments!

The choices are:

Frugal Handy Tip
Household Handy Tip
Frugal Food Recipe
Book Review
Other (Please make a suggestions!)

Thanks so much!


Andrea G said...

I'm a pretty big fan of the "Household Handy Tip." But I guess a "Frugal Handy Tip" would be more related to your overall theme lol

Deva said...

I would like to see a frugal food recipe. I do a lot of my cooking for the week on Sundays, so recipes on Saturday would be super handy!

Robert said...

I would like to see a post on Mobility scooters, if you can pull it! I am sure you can but don't push yourself!