Wednesday, February 11, 2009

January Net Worth Update

Sorry this is a little late, but here is my Net Worth Update for January.

I had another standard month, with my Net Worth growing another 2.87%, or $778. This is the strongest increase, but I'm fairly happy with it.

Here is the break down for the month:

Here is the break down for this month:


Car Value - $2,730 (No change)

Prosper Loans - $219 ($226)

Cash Savings - $620 ($487)


Student Loans - $23,781 ($23,821

BOA Credit Card - $4,704 ($4, 701)

Scooter Loan - $1,400 ($1,985)

Net Worth

- $26,286 (-$27,064)

So I am doing well with my 2009 goals so far. Since the new job pays more, I am anticipating that I will do a good job of meeting all of my goals.

I confess, I've been a bit splurgy lately. I decided I was going to go ahead and blow my first paycheck before I got into buckling down and paying off my debt. I know that isn't the most responsible thing to do. There is a bit of guilt from it, but it was nice to have fun for a week or two.

I still don't know exactly what my paychecks will be yet. I'm waiting for my first one before I redo my budget. I'll be starting a Roth IRA as well as increasing my savings to 7%, as I give my savings account a raise every time I get one.

I'm anticipating my Net Worth to be pretty similar next month to this month, but after that I am anticipating making some heavy progress!

Here are some past Net Worth reports

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