Friday, February 27, 2009

Savings Rate Drops

I'm a huge fan of ING Direct. I love that I have sub accounts there. I keep my CD and my Roth IRA there.

But recently, my once wonderful savings rate has dropped to 1.85%. It's very disappointing. I know that ING is usually the first to drop rates and the last to raise them, but I've never seen them this low. It's very disappointing. I'm tempted to move my savings over to another company, but I'm so used to ING and it would be a serious pain to move everything.

So I'll stick it out for now and keep plugging away at building my savings. It's a shame that it's going to take me longer to hit my goals. Even though it is small, passive income interest is one of my favorite things. I guess you can't always have everything!


Andrea G said...

I was considering using ING but my dad suggested Emigrant Direct. Its not as pretty but it does what I need it to

Sarah Eliza said...

I have the same frustration! I don't know if they're playing it safe or what, but I was equally disappointed. =/ We'll keep hoping for an upswing for now, I guess, and see what happens.