Monday, February 9, 2009

Retirement Planning Opinions Needed

I’m 25 and have no retirement savings. I am working diligently on paying off my debt and should have everything interest bearing taken care of by September. I’ve started a job with a new company and they don’t currently offer a 401(k) plan, but are anticipating starting one in 6 months. I’d really like to start working on retirement savings and I’m wondering if I should start a private 401(k), or a Roth IRA, or wait for my company to start their program, or some kind of combination. I would love to know what you recommend and if you also have any companies that you recommend I pursue these accounts with.

I'm hoping that I can get this taken care of by the end of February. 

In other news, the new job is keeping me very busy, but it's going pretty well so far!

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dawn said...

Maybe you could start a Roth immediately ...
Then pursue the company 401k when it becomes available.