Friday, May 13, 2011

My Couponing Start

I discovered the concept of Extreme Couponing a little while ago. I started working on gathering coupons in Mid April and since then I've been making great strides in saving money at the grocery store. It's changed the way that I shop probably forever. Here are a few things I've pulled off so far.

$6.42 down from $28.67

$1.42 down from $21.87

$24.41 down from $106.30

As I work on this, I'll be sure to update my progress here. My goal is to get my grocery bill down as low as possible, while we are a one income family every little will help. I'd also like to get up to a 75% saving on my groceries for the month. I started in mid april and in April I saved 24% on my groceries. So far in May I'm up to an average saving of 55%.
I'm working on building up a stockpile of things that we use a lot of and things that are easily stored... like cereal and body wash.

I don't want to be a crazy hoarder person, so I'll be trying to not get too carried away. But I have to say, it is pretty fun. It's like a hobby and a video game.

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