Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Target Shopping from May 23rd

I like Target and I enjoy shopping there. You may ask why I go shopping at so many different stores so often. It's partly because I really really enjoy going out and shopping with coupons. Some people have a latte habit.... I have a coupon habit. At least this way I spend the same amount but get things I can use and keep that last longer than half an hour. I am lucky in that I have all of these stores very near me. I'll often stop in on the way to work (I work Thursday-Monday). Target is a good store to just wander around with my binder and see what I find.

Here's how I did.

4 Old Spice Body Wash Bonus Pack - $4.00
Sale Price - $3.40
2 BOGO MQ (took it to $1.70 each
2 $1/1 MQ (took it to $1.20 each)
4 $1/1 Target Q's
End Price - $0.20 each (95%)

This was an awesome find. These bonus packs were on a clearance end cap. They are packs of one and a half bottles of my Stunt Guys favorite body wash.

5 Carefree Pantiliners - $1.09
Sale Price - $0.99
5 $0.99/1 MQ
End Price - FREE (100%)

These are mostly all going to be donated. I'm working on building a donation box so that I can pass things along to a local womens shelter.

Degree Travel Size Deoderant - $0.97
$1/1 MQ
End Price - $0.03MM (103%)

2 Kraft Asian Sesame Salad Dressing - $2.04
1 $1/2 Target Q
1 $1/2 MQ
End Price - $1.04 (49%)

Other people have found these for $1.69 each which makes it a much better deal, but I deeply love this salad dressing so I paid a little more for it because I was at the store already. It actually accounts for the bulk of the final bill.

I also received $0.05 off for bringing my own reusable bag.

Value: $27.50
Spent: $4.10 (Had $2 back from coworkers for yesterdays laundry detergent)
Saved: $23.40 (85%)

So my OOP was really only $2.10 for me. And bear in mind my tax was $1.33. Pretty good haul and I really don't need body wash for a really long time.

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