Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And Then There Was Christmas

I had been incredibly successful with my No Spend Days. So proud, was I that I was saddened when it had to end. It had gotten to the point where it wasn't as much about the money I was saving, as it was the challenge of continuing to not spend. True, I needed the money for other things and was working hard on saving up for a few expenses, but really the challenge was what had kept me going for so long. But, after 16 successful days of not spending a penny on anything other than gas, I had to cave in. 

I was a little sad as I hovered over the pay now button, I felt like I had come so far, but it had to be done. 

I know that in a couple of weeks, when my husband opens his Christmas gifts, it'll all have been worth it.

I'll be starting another No Spend Day round on January 1st and I am hoping that maybe you call can join me. Let's see how far into the new year we can get!

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