Monday, December 1, 2008

November Net Worth Update

It's time for my regular Net Worth Update!

Here is how the breakdown looks for November. This was another strong month for me, with a 2.33% increase in Networth overall.

The Cash is my Savings, and Stocks is my Prosper balance. I am currently pulling out of Prosper. My savings are down a smidge because I had to go to the doctor briefly (all is well).

My progress chart is continuing to ascend.
My main goal for the end of 2008 was to get my Net Worth to -$28,000 and as you can see, I am just $37 short of that goal. So, barring any huge disaster, I should have that covered!

The breakdown looks like this:


Car Value - $2,480

Prosper Loans - $222 ($232)

Cash Savings - $385 ($394)


Student Loans - $2,3821

Credit Cards - $5,039 - AmEx $295, BoA $4744  ($5,547)

Scooter Loan - $2,266 ($2,445)

Net Worth

- $28,037 (-$28,707)

I didn't hit my goal of paying off my AmEx for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I accidentally paid my Scooter Loan payment twice. This took a good chunk off the principal and it's all going to the same cause. I am also missing two checks totaling $500 that were due this month which would have completely knocked out the card. Instead, I will be aiming again for December and trying to hit my 2008 goal of having my Prosper/Scooter loan down below $2,000.


I decided to combine my savings for some streamlining and just increasing my targets instead of having my medical and auto fund. I've just condensed these into one emergency fund with a target of $5,000. I am keeping my travel fund, though. I'm not sure what money will be put in there, but I really want to keep that savings account. As a result, both savings account have stayed about the same as last month. 

So I have two goals for December, to pay off my American Express card and to get my Prosper Loan down below $2,000. My other 2008 goal that has not yet been met was to have $1000 in my savings account. I think that it is very unlikely that I will meet this goal. I'm a bit disappointed, but if I can still hit all of the others, I won't be terribly upset. 

I am also on my eighth day of No Spend Days. I'm pretty stunned that I have made it this far and I plan to see how long I can go. I'm essentially trying to get back on track from overspending in my discretionary income account. I'd love to make it 11 more days, though I am not sure how realistic that is!

August Net Worth

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