Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Net Worth Update

For the second month in a row, my Net Worth has increased. I am still extremely happy and excited about it! I feel like I'm finally walking in the right direction.

Here is how it looks this month:

And the breakdown is as follows:


Car Value - $2,480

Prosper Investments - $239

Savings - $284


Students Loan - $23,821

Credit Cards - $5,228 ($434 AmEx, $4,794 BoA)

Vehicle Loans - $3,221 ($700 Car, $2,522 Scooter)

Net Worth 


That's an increase of 2.77%

This month my savings took a hit because I had to buy tires for my car, and I got all of my medical bills paid off. 


Emergency Fund - 7% (10.3%) Depleted for tires

Thailand Fund - 0.8% (0.8%)

Medical Fund - 5% (2.5%)

Auto Fund - 0.0% (0.5%) Emptied for tires

Down Payment Fund - 0.08% (0.08%)

Blog Income

Advertising - $50 (Yes I have ads for sale, just use my handy contact form if you would like one)

As I said before, my big Debt Snowball Progress this month was paying off my Medical Bills. I'm very happy that they are gone!

I'm skipping over my AmEx this month and focusing on my Car. I have $700 more to pay and I normally pay $200 a month. This is the biggest minimum payment that I have and knocking it out would mean that my salary from my first job would actually cover all of my bills. The amount of stress this would relieve from me is worth paying interest on my AmEx for just one more month. I also owe this money to a real live person, and would like her to be repaid quickly. Because of my three jobs, I am confident that I'll have $500 extra this month to put on the car so hopefully you'll see a post about that soon!

When my raise goes into effect, I'll also be boosting my Savings allocations so there should be some good progress on those next month. 

So to recap, the financial goal for October is to pay off my car. 

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David Leggett said...

Looks like it was a great month! Congrats Redd! Oh, and good luck paying off the car this month :)

Family Man said...

Congrats! It's great to see your sucess!