Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Happy Day at the Pump

Image by Bitzcelt

Since I bought my car, I have had the hardest time dealing with the price of gas. Going from using a gallon every two weeks to ten gallons every week has made it hard to deal with tighter finances. Today, though, I was pleasantly surprised. Today I filled up my car for $26. 

Gas is now about $1.20 a gallon cheaper than it was three weeks ago. This means that everyone is probably breathing a little sigh of relief. We're also coming to the end of hurricane season (November 1st), which means that technically, things will ease up. However, it's started getting cold, which means the demand for heating oil will start to go up. 

So what does this mean? Well, it means that although we are seeing a bit of slack on gas prices, it's unlikely to hold. 

Now, if I had more money, and if I were better at keeping track of things, I would take that $10.80 that I didn't spend on gas and put it in a savings account or earmark it somehow for the future. That way, I'm still acting like I'm spending $4 a gallon on gas, but I'm putting that extra money away for when it either goes higher, or to use it when I really can't afford to fill up. 

I hope this price holds for a little longer, though, because I know that everyone could really use a break.

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