Friday, October 31, 2008

October Round Up

It's been another quiet month here at Distilled Rose Personal Finance, but it's about to get a lot louder now that I am down to one job and have some dedicated blogging time!

This months most popular articles were:

The winner of my book giveaway was Garnishments! Garnishments, please let me know your email address so I can get some information for you. 

Thanks to everyone who commented in October!

My top referrers this month were:

And the most searched for terms were:

"atlanta gas crisis"
"ing direct high yield"
"passive forms of income"

So thanks to my 482 visitors and 49 subscribers!

So here is my question from last month again (since I got no replies).

What do you most enjoy reading about on Distilled Rose? Do you like reading about finance news, opinions, being frugal, my personal journey getting out of debt.... what do I post about that peaks your interest?

Here is how last month went:

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