Sunday, October 12, 2008

News and Progress

Today we sold my husbands car. It was a tough decision for him because he really loves his sound system, but since he got his scooter he has been driving the car maybe once or twice a month. Since I have a great car, we decided it would be better to just be a one car one scooter family again. 
It also went to a friend in need. Someone I know had had a car accident and her car was totaled. She desperately needed a car, so I believe that it was a great decision for all involved. She seemed very happy with it as she drove off today. 

The other news is that I have gone on hiatus at one of my jobs. I no longer work my regular saturday job. I will still be called in if it gets busy and they need something, or if someone gets sick or takes a day off. Since it's really a seasonal job anyway, this is probably best for all involved. I wasn't making much money there so it won't feel like too big a hit and I could really use having the weekends free again. 

I'm still working on paying my car off this month, and I'm hoping to get on a more consistent blogging schedule. I'm also in need of questions for the next Monday Reader Mailbag. I still don't have enough, so feel free to ask them in the comments. 

Have you entered the drawing for my book giveaway yet?

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