Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Minor Splurge

Image by Mr T

Sometimes, when you've been working on getting out of debt for so long you get tired. 
I feel often like I never get a chance to spend money on myself. I never buy anything for myself, ever. I agonize over the smallest of purchases and stress over my bills constantly. 
So today, when I got a call from someone who was interested in becoming a client and set up a meeting with him for tomorrow for some work that will earn me a little extra money, I did what any stressed, irritated woman with a negative body image would do. 

I went shopping. 

I've just kicked off my brand new shoes, and I'm sitting here in a new top and jeans, with pretty new earrings. I bought three tops, one for work and two for either work or home, a pair of jeans because I ripped my second to last pair a couple of weeks ago, a pair of brown heels, and some earrings. 

I spent $98 on everything, and it all came from Target. 

I don't give myself many rewards. It's hard for me to accept that sometimes I should stop and celebrate a win, because I feel as though that would set me back for the next one. But the thing is, when I get depressed and frustrated, I don't do as well. I become less of a nice person to be around. So every so often I think it is good to take a step back and put a little unexpected money on to something for yourself. 

If you've earned it, celebrate it. 

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