Monday, September 1, 2008

A Huge Financial Step Forward

I'm so excited right now. It's not because I'm in the middle of my first day off in two months (though that is quite quite lovely) and it's not because of the buckets of coffee I'm drinking.
I'm excited because for the first time in what is probably years, my Net Worth has actually increased. 

That's an $800 increase in my previous Net Worth and a good step towards my goal of getting my Net Worth down to -$28,000 by the end of the year. 

It seems working two jobs and being completely frugal has started to pay off. I am so proud of myself right now!

Savings Progress

I'm diligently working on getting all my ING Savings accounts filled up. I have some pretty hefty goals but here is how I'm doing. The number in parenthesis is what I last recorded it at.

Emergency Fund - 10.3% (8.7%)

Thailand Fund - 0.8% (0.8%)

Medical Fund - 2.5% (1.2%)

Auto Fund - 0.5% (0.3%)

Down Payment Fund - 0.08% (0.07%)

I've started doing something a little different here. Instead of splitting 5% of my second job income between the five accounts, I'm putting it all into one. I'll be focusing on my Medical Fund first. This is with the intent of Snowballing my savings just like I Snowball my debt. I still have the other accounts making a tiny bit of interest, but I feel like I'll make more progress this way. The other plan is that when I fully fund one account, the interest that gains will also go into my next step account. The only problem is that this means I'm putting off saving for a down payment and I'm not sure how wise this is. I may reallocate later when I've got more money in all of the accounts. 

As far as my Debt Snowball goes, no progress yet. I'm working on my Medical bills and my American Express right now. And I hope to have my Medical bills paid off by the end of the month and another chunk taken out of my American Express.

But yay me for getting over a giant hurdle and to have things finally heading in the right direction.

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