Friday, September 26, 2008

CashCrate Comes Through - My First Check

A while ago I told you about CashCrate, an online survey site that allows you to make some money by filling out offers and referring new members. 

I put in about 40 minutes to an hour at the end of August with this program, and today I received my check for the work I did. I now have in my hand a check from Kingside Media for $13.39. 
This means that I got paid about $15 an hour for my work from them, and I did this during some downtime I had. So, I'm definitely sticking with it and I highly recommend that if you want to make a little extra passive income, you sign up too!

2 comments: said...

Ever heard about Santas Gifts All Year? It's way better then cashcrate because it's international. Review it on your blog and get a lot of referrals, because no one really knows about this paying site :)

K said...

I would be sure and research these companies before handing over personal info.

You might start by checking out the ratings at Survey Police: