Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Making Money From Cash Crate

I've jumped on the Cash Crate bandwagon and signed up for an account. 

It's an interesting system and a great way to make a little extra money. The way that Cash Crate works is you sign up for an account and you do a lot of little surveys and fill out online forms. You make small amounts of money for each. Anywhere from $0.50 to $7. When you've filled out an offer, you submit it to Cash Crate and it lists as pending. Cash Crate confirms that you have completed the offer and deposits the money into your account. 
The real kicker though is that they have a great referral program, allowing you to earn a percentage when anyone signs up under your referral link. You then also get earnings from people that they sign up. It has a lot of passive income earning opportunity. 

Pros of Cash Crate

1. You can cash out each month for as little as $10. Many other companies require a higher dollar amount before they actually send you the money. 

2. You earn money for referrals, so it's possible to make completely passive income from it. 

3. Making money from it is pretty quick and easy. $10 took me a little under half an hour and not a lot of brain activity. 

Cons of Cash Crate

1. It's all about volume. To get into the making hundreds of dollars, you will need to actively work on gaining referrals and filling out offers. 

2. When filling out forms or offers,  you need to supply your mailing address. I will update this if I end up getting any Cash Crate related mail. You also need to put your email address in quite often, though I have a special email address that I use for just that purpose. 

3. Not every offer gets approved. Some of the surveys you fill out might not end up getting approved. This seems like a pretty low percentage, though

I think this program is a wonderful thing to make a little mindless money. If you're surfing the net or bored at work, you can fill out a couple of offers here and there and it will add up over time. 

I'll certainly update with progress as I try this program. For now, though, if you would like to try it out, you can sign up here. 

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