Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogosphere Link Love

Here's what I've been reading about in the Blogosphere today:

Nora Dunn over at Wisebread explains all about how to make your own Tofu, Soyburgers and Soy Milk out of Soy Beans. At $1.50 for 24 meals, I think she's definitely on to something.

Garrett McCord over at Simply Recipes has a recipe for Coconut Cupcakes that makes my mouth water. You can be sure I'm picking up the ingredients next time I hit the grocery store. 

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly introduces us to Fuelly. It's a great site that allows you to track your vehicle's fuel consumption as well as a bunch of neat add ons. I've already signed up and think it's fabulous. 

Jen at Cake Wrecks found an Olympic themed cake that made me burst out laughing. If you haven't checked out this blog yet, I highly recommend it. It's kind of  guilty pleasure for me. 

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