Monday, August 4, 2008

A Menu Planning Experiment

A few days ago, my husband and I sat down with a huge stack of recipe books. I'm quite the collector when it comes to cookbooks, so we had a lot to go through. We each went through the books and marked on a post it note the page numbers of recipes we would like to try. By the time we were done with five or six books, we were a little weary and called it a day. 
However, we had marked more than sixty new recipes that we would like to try. Later this week I will be turning them into a small database and we will start going to the store to get ingredients for three or four of these new meals at a time. Then, we will start the great menu planning experiment. Anything to shake the eating out habit. 
Do you menu plan? Do you have favorite recipes? How do you avoid eating out?

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laurie danielle said...

I make a menu every week. I have a three ring binder with my favorite recipies, plus a magazine file full of cooking magazines, and various cook books all on top of my kitchen cabinets. Andy and I grocery shop at Your Dekalb on Sundays (and "eat out" at their super tasty and cheap food bar) and I cook 5 nights in the week. One night we either go out or eat leftovers.

I highly recommend Good Food Fast by Everyday Food - and Everyday Food Magazine. Those are good dishes without a lot of hard to find ingredients. I also like Vegetarian Times and Clean Eating. If you ever want to come over and peruse my cookbook selection, let me know!