Monday, August 25, 2008

Switch Your Credit Card to Save Money

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I had an American Express Delta Skymiles credit card for the longest time. When I opened the account I did it because I got a huge Skymiles bonus with my first purchase, and I knew I had some traveling coming up in the future. After a time, though, it became evident that without more bonuses like that one, I would never earn enough miles for a second flight after I took my first. 

After realizing this and deciding it wasn't worth the annual fee if I was unlikely to earn the rewards, I decided that I would switch to a different American Express credit card. 
The benefit of changing to a different card within the same company is that you can make the move relatively easily and you can essentially get a different credit card without having an inquiry to your credit history. 

I moved to a Blue Cash Rewards card, which allows me to get cash back and has no annual fee. American Express also refunded me $61 of the $85 annual fee that I had already paid this year. 

This account is the current target for my debt snowball and I am fairly confident that I will have it paid off by the end of next month. I've been using the card here and there, but paying off the amount immediately from my checking whenever I charge something. This allows me to get the reward benefits for very little extra work. 

So now is a good time to look at any credit cards you have that you still use and check the company for one which has rewards that would better benefit you. 

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