Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekly Financial Round Up 08/10

Since I managed to get my spending under control I have stopped tracking it weekly. I've also had to start paying for gas in a car and that isn't something I like to put too much thought into since it's a tad depressing. But I would still like to use my Weekly Round Ups as a way to track my savings and debt progress. Kind of like a state of the union address, only weekly and with less made up words. 

Debt Progress

75% of my Second Job paycheck went on my debt snowball. I made a good payment on my BoA card. 

I made a car payment, which was scheduled but still knocks a good amount off my balance.

Savings Progress

5% of my Second Job paycheck went towards my savings and my accounts look like this:

Emergency Fund - 8.7%

Thailand Fund - 0.8%

Medical Fund - 1.2%

Auto Fund - 0.3%

Down Payment Fund - 0.07%

Saving in these account right now will be incredibly slow. 5% of my regular paycheck goes towards my Emergency Fund and then 1% of my Second Job pay check goes into each of the five accounts. 

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Scott @ The Passive Dad said...

You are making some wonderful progress on your emergency savings account. Congratulations on the success!