Thursday, August 21, 2008

6 Easy Tips for Water Conservation

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A short while ago I asked readers for water conservation tips. My water bill increased by 10% last month and with it being dry season here in Georgia, I feel motivated to cut my water usage.

Georgia, Florida and Alabama have been in pretty serious drought situation for a while now. Because the population of Georgia and Florida is not getting any smaller, this will surely only get worse. Conserving water and using it responsibly is important for us, because Atlanta gets most of its water from Lake Lanier and last year the lake dropped to record low levels. If that lake somehow gets drained, it's going to be very difficult for the city to get as much drinkable water as it needs.

Even though I know I won't make a dent in the water levels on a grand scale, I can certainly still try and do better by being thoughtful and taking a little extra time to be smart about my water habits. It will probably save me money too.

6 Great Water Conservation Tips

I got some fantastic responses from readers about water conservation, and with a little extra research I have some tips that anyone can implement without having to purchase any special equipment.

1. Use one glass or refillable drinking bottle throughout the day instead of using fresh glasses each time. This reduces how often your dishwasher will be full and allows you to run it less, thus reducing water usage..

This is a great point and something I am particularly guilty of.

2. Instead of putting leftovers in the garbage disposal and washing them down with water, throw them in the trash or compost them.

I can definitely start doing this, but I live in an apartment complex so I can't compost yet. I will try to when i get a house though.

3. Catch tap water in a watering can or bucket while you are waiting for water to warm up. Use this to water the plants.

I used to be great about doing this but have slacked off recently. Time to start again.

4. FrugalWannabe recommends putting a small bottle of water in the tank of your toilet to displace water and therefore using less each time you flush.

Now that I've stopped drinking bottled water, I'm just waiting for the right bottle to come along to try this.

5. Andrea G recommends putting a bucket under the shower while it's warming up and then putting that water in the washing machine.

I think this is a brilliant idea, since washing machines really do use a lot of water.

6. Kelly from Almost Frugal recommends selective flushing, where you don't flush the toilet after you pee, only after you um, do more solid things. Make sure that everyone in your house is okay with it and remember to flush before guests come over.

Of everything on the list, this is the one thing that I am already doing

So with a tiny bit of extra work and no money, I think anyone can reduce their water conservation. Even trying one of these tips will probably help! Please let me know if you have other water conservation tips that work for you!

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Carolyn said...

#6 is an easy and great idea, we do it in our house too. I first learned of it while visiting a friend who lived in a houseboat in Key West. Their motto was "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down." :-)

Anonymous said...

When/If you get a compost pile, be sure never to put any kind of animal product in the pile or you will attract vermin. Rats and other nasties are attracted by rotting animal products. Egg shells are okay; everything else should be thrown away.

Scott @ The Passive Dad said...

Wonderful list of water conservation tips. The bucket in the shower is a fun idea.

I stumbled your post. Great job!