Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Handling Impatience

I'm at a point with My Debt Snowball (yes, I'm capitalizing it now... it's time) where I'm having patience problems. I'm working hard on my second of seven debts, and I'm making great progress, but I feel like it's not moving fast enough. After this debt, I have to work on a really really big one that is more than double the last one. If I'm getting impatient now, how will I be then? I still think that I can clear everything except my student loans by the middle of next year, and probably clear a lot by Christmas, but I'm really flagging here. 
Right now I'm working seven days a week at two different jobs, I'm trying to do some freelance writing and I'm using some of my down time to make some money online
I know I'm running on empty and  just have to keep working at it, but I really really wish that I could make it all go faster. Patience, I know, is a virtue. But wow this is hard!

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Diana said...

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