Monday, August 11, 2008

Need to Save Money on Entertainment? Watch the Olympics

I get very excited whenever the Olympics come around. I'm not a sporty person, but I really enjoy watching the Olympics. So many countries come together in the spirit of friendly competition and thousands of athletes get to fulfill lifelong dreams. To even get the opportunity to compete is a really really big deal. 

Since the Olympics are in Beijing and there is a 12 hour time difference, that means that the events are being covered live in the evenings. That also means that for the next two weeks after you get done with your day, you can just flip on the TV and hang out and watch live Swimming, Gymnastics, Basketball, Fencing or anything else you might fancy.... and it's all free! You can also watch almost everything online if you don't have television. Just cook an easy meal or get a bunch of friends together and cheer on your country of choice!

I'm lucky, I get to support three countries in the Olympics. I am an American Permanent Resident, having lived here for seven years, but I also get to support my home country of Great Britain, and since my great grandfather was from Switzerland I can cheer them on too. And of course, if all of that fails you can always root for China since it's their games and as the hosting country they automatically qualified for every single event!

Things to Learn From the Olympics

1. It really doesn't matter what country you come from... it matters how you play your sport. Differences get put aside and become irrelevant. 

2. Dreams can be achieved with hard work. 

3. Team work can lead to greatness. Just ask the American Mens 4x100m Swimmers Relay Team. 

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