Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Atlanta Gas "Crisis"

Image by Cindy47452

As far as I know, this has been going on in other places in the country too. 

Right now, Atlanta is out of gas. There are a few gas stations here and there that have some, and then it runs out while people are lined up. 

This is a very frustrating situation for everyone because you have to drive around looking for gas, and then you have to wait in line. 

Last week, we had a day where I had no gas, but he had some, so that day we took the gas can out, found gas, put it in the can, took it to my car, put it in my car, then I went and filled up the car. 

Today, I was almost out, he has no gas in his car and very little in his scooter. So, we went and did the same thing again. We drove part way across town to a gas station, got in line, waited for twenty minutes, and the station ran out while we were there. 

So we then went, on fumes of course, a few more miles until we found another station, waited in line again, and filled up my car all the way and the gas can too. So we have a gallon for his scooter and he'll just keep his car parked for now. 

So here are my issues:

- We wasted probably a gallon of gas getting the gas

- I had to fill my car up all the way, which is very expensive and makes my car heavy

- There are hundreds of people in the city idling their cars while they wait for gas, which is bad for the environment. 

- Supply is completely unreliable and there is no apparent system for distribution

- We are way too dependent on gas

It's this last one that drives me nuts. When I had my scooter, I got around on a gallon of gas every two weeks. Now with me car, I am dependent on filling up with gas every week or two. My gas consumption has increased tenfold. I wish so much that I was ready to get back on a scooter again, or that I was at least financially capable of purchasing one. 

I also wish that SUV's didn't exist. I know that is harsh, and they have their uses, but I bet that most of the people that are driving them really don't need to, and they waste so much fuel with their size. I look forward to the day when there is some kind of regulation about new cars being required to get a certain mpg. I know that I will always drive small cars. 

What are your thoughts? Does this situation drive you nuts, too? 

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Carling said...

I'm just disappointed in how most people are reacting. If we run out of gas, we'll figure something else out. Yet people aren't rationing and their taking as much as they can get. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed” - Gandhi

I just hope it will be a wake-up call for those apathetic about our resources.

Andrea G said...

I agree with everyone of your issues.
i think there needs to be at least be a little regulation so that people aren't sitting in lines every time they see gas. i think if finding gas was more predictable, people wouldn't be freaking out so much and thereby causing the problem.
yeah lifting the epa regulations will get us more gas, but if tennessee and north carolina were already out of gas without these regulations, then there is a problem. i also think we are in serious need of a long term plan especially because the chances of this happening again are severe. It bothers me that no politicians are really seeing this as a problem, but I guess it doesn't really help that the economy is hell.