Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Handy Tip : Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter

We use our air conditioning a lot during the warmer months. Our loft gets a lot of sun and warms up quite quickly, and we have a cat so the air conditioning filter gets clogged very easily. Cleaning it off regularly helps my air conditioning run better and extends the life of the filter.

How to Clean It

The filter collects dust and hair and other debris so the first thing to do is to take it outside and bang it against something so that most of the dirt falls off. Next, get some regular tape (or a lint roller) and use the sticky side to pull more hair and dust off of the filter. This will unclog a lot of it. You can even run your finger along it if there is a lot of pet dander on there and lift it off.

This should extend the life of your filter by a week if you take a couple of minutes to clean it off weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how often you run your air conditioning.

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Anonymous said...

I use my vacuum cleaner - the brush attachment seems to do the best job.