Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Handy Tip - Photocopy Your Wallet

Once I thought I had lost my wallet on top of a mountain at two in the morning. I panicked. Everything was in there... my license, my social security card, my credit cards, my immigration ID. Losing it was unthinkable. Thankfully, my friend found it in the morning under his couch.
Everyone goes through this at some point. They either lose their wallet or have it stolen. To make it more bearable and easier to handle, photocopy or scan the front and back of everything in your wallet. All of your credit cards and bank cards will have a number on the back which you can call to report your card lost of stolen. Having all of this information will greatly speed up freezing your accounts and replacing your missing items.
You might also wish to tape something inside your wallet that says "If found, please call ..." with your telephone number. This way if an honest person finds it in, say, the parking lot of a car dealership after your car broke down in the rain and it fell out of your purse, they have an easy way to reach you.

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Stephen K. said...

I'd also suggest not carrying around you social security card. It's not something you need that often, and it's a number you really don't want someone else getting a hold of