Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Human Life: The Unexpected Perk of High Gas Prices

They may be placing a strain on your finances, but high gas prices may be having a much more beneficial impact to some Americans... they are saving lives.

Over the course of the year, automobile accident deaths have been steadily decreasing, with an average drop of 9% between January and May of 2008. There are fewer cars on the roads, more people are using public transport, people are limiting their driving, and hypermiling advises you to drive more slowly.

It's interesting that a downturn of the economy can have such a dramatic impact on society. If we can take the number of deaths reported in 2005 as an example, a 9% reduction in fatalities comes out to about 3,700 people. I don't like paying so much for putting gas in my car any more than the next person, but at least the next person might not be dead on the side of the road any time soon.

I also think it's important to point out that these kind of improved driving habits should be something society tries to do anyway, regardless of the price of gas. Who knows what would happen if everyone just drove 5mph slower. The benefit of saving money and saving lives would probably be worth the extra two and a half minutes it takes you to get to work. Hey, if you just cut that time out of your shower, you'll be saving water too.

The benefits of frugality are multiple and limitless.

Source : AP

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