Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scour : Getting Paid to Search the Internet

I'm a pretty big participant in internet survey programs as a way to make a little money and work on adding it to my debt snowball. I am a member of SurveySpot and MyPoints. 

I've just joined a new program called Scour as a way to make some extra passive income. Scour is a user driven search engine that rewards you for doing regular searches and then voting or commenting on the results. 

When you search with Scour, it pulls the top results from Google, Yahoo and MSN. You can then vote or comment on them, which helps Scour to determine their usefulness. This allows the "right" results to be given a higher place on the page. 

You receive 1 point for a Search, 2 for a Vote, and 3 for a Comment, and you can earn a maximum of 4 points for each Search. 

When you've earned 6,500 points you can cash out for a $25 Visa Gift Card.
Obviously you'd have to do a lot of searches to earn that, but here is the really neat part. If you invite a friend, Scour will give you a matching bonus of 25% of what your friends earn. If you send it out and everyone does just three searches a day or so, along with the searches you yourself are doing, the points can rack up quite quickly. 

I'm really interested and excited about this program. I like the idea of users being able to effect search engine content and improve how relevant certain sites are. 

So click here if you want to join me on Scour, and let me know what you think!

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zhopa said...

scour are spammers
my inbox is full of their "invites" and you can not unsubscribe from future invites
if you use them you encourage spammers