Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well thats that. My beloved Kymco Agility was totaled in the accident. I might be able to recoup a little money from it by selling it for parts, but it is essentially gone. This will make meeting my Networth Goals pretty hard as my scooter was my only real asset that I counted.
This is one of those times where I am really, really rolling with the punches. Now, in all fairness if I had kept driving my Pontiac Grand Am, I would have needed to spend about $4500 in the last 19 months on travel expenses, of which a huge portion of that would have been insurance. I paid about $2750 or so for my scooter in the same period of time, lowering my travel expenses from $237 to $145 a month. Of course, the longer I had the scooter, the lower that average would have been.
So for the time that I had it, it was worth it and it did pay for itself. I just expected to get a lot more use out of it than I did. I am also still paying off the loan for it, which just hurts. But I have recovered from harder things than this.
My friend Bret is working on whether a spare car of his can be repaired for me so that I will have something to drive for the next few months.
A word of advice.... if you ride a scooter and you aren't required to get insurance, get it anyway, so at least your bike will be paid for if something happens to it. I would hate for anyone else to go through what I've been through in this last week.

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