Monday, July 14, 2008

Why All the Fuss About ING Direct?

ING Direct Sign Up Bonus Links

These links will take you to a sign up page. If you fund your account with $250, you will receive a $25 bonus from ING. If link doesn't work, try the next one on the list.
I've raved about ING Direct here and there and feel that it deserves it's own post.

ING Direct is an online banking company. They work very similarly to a regular bank, except that they lack branches.
They have both checking and savings accounts. Their checking account, Electric Orange, is actually interest bearing.... a rare thing to find in America. I have not used their checking account as I get physical paychecks that I really need to deposit at branches, but I've heard good things.

I am, however, familiar with their Orange Savings accounts. I've had one for several years and have been very happy. It has no minimum balance, no fee, and an interest rate holding steady at about 3%APY. When you open an account, if you use a referral link and deposit $250, they'll give you a $25 bonus. This account can be linked easily and harmoniously with other banks checking accounts, with a transfer period of about two to three days between the two.

With ING Direct you can also open as many accounts as you like. I personally have three different accounts with them that are labelled for different purposes.

I especially like that you get to see how much interest you are earning each day. There is an interest earned this month total and an interest earned this year total, and you can also see how much you earned last year.

Setting up automatic transfers is very easy as well. I have a weekly transfer from my checking account to my savings account.

ING also have some fairly good CD's for in the short term, and if I had the funds right now I would certainly be constructing a CD ladder. They offer decent rates for 6 month and 9 months CD's, which is where I would start when making a ladder. It also gives you the option of depositing your interest into a different account, like your regular ING savings account

So, to sum up, I have had great experience with ING Direct and their Savings account, and would highly recommend it.

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