Friday, July 25, 2008

5 Tips for Keeping the Air Off

It's 90 degrees here in Georgia and it can get hot and sticky in our loft. It's a hard space to cool because of the high windows and the open spaces. 

As a result, our power bill skyrockets with temperature extremes. Here are some ways to minimize the use of an air conditioner:

1. Spot Cool
Tower fans might set you back $20 or so at WalMart and they are fantastic for spot cooling. If I'm working at my desk I can move our fan to be blowing cooler air over me and leave the AC off. We also use it to blow across the bed at night. 

2. Avoid Appliances
Using the oven less in the summer is highly recommended, as is trying to avoid using the dryer all the time. If you do need to use these warm appliances, wait until the evening or start the dryer before you leave the house. 

3. Get a Thermostat
This is the easiest and most commonly expressed tip. Make sure that your AC is on a thermostat and set it to what your tolerance level is. I would recommend trying for about 78 degrees. 

4. Close off Extra Spaces
Our laundry room has no AC vent in it. By keeping the door closed when the dryer isn't running, we reduce the amount of space the AC has to cool by a few dozen square feet. It doesn't make the biggest difference, but every little helps!

5. Shed Some Layers
If you're wearing two shirts and the AC is running, you're being illogical. Also, lose the socks and hats at home. A lot of heat is transferred out of both your feet and your head. Your floor will likely be the coolest area of your home, so putting your feet on it will help to cool your whole body. 

Bonus Tip
Shut the AC off at night if you can or set the thermostat much higher. You'll be unconscious..... your heat tolerance will be higher. 

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