Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Handy Tip - Overcoming Writers Block

Stuck for Writing ideas?
If you're writer like me, every so often you'll wake up in the morning with no idea what you are going to write about for that day. Because I have several topics that I write about, there are usually a few different things going on in any given topic that I can be inspired by. I have certain steps, though, that I will regularly take.

My Family and Friends
I will often message my friends and family and ask them what they would like to read about today. This is completely hit or miss, and sometimes that answers are peculiar (e.g. Zach and the "Just write about Canadians" comment). Sometimes, though, they wil think of great stuff that I either write about that day or save for the future.
The news is often inspiring. I can usually find something to either rile me up or make me think. I find it better to read the website than to watch the channel, though.  

My Google Reader
I subscribe to many other blogs in my google reader. A few of them have people who will often read someone another blog and then write a response on their own site. Those can often be inspiring and sometimes I will feel like commenting to. It's like having a giant blogging conversation. 

I am a member of a few forums and often what they are discussing is something that I would like to be discussing. It's completely worth checking General Discussion areas for hot topics. 

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