Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Progress Here, Progress There

Yesterday I missed some things from my goal list. I didn't do Playbill calls and I didn't hang up clothes. 

Todays list looks like this:

Hang Up Clothes
Make Six Playbill Calls
Mail out at 10 orders
Mail The Shawl
Write 200 Words
Sew up last Baby Bootee

I am also going to start tracking extra money I manage to make to see how I really do on a day to day basis. 

Extra Money Made Yesterday: 
$8.50 - Etsy

It's interesting how hard it can be paying off bills. You get kind of caught up and obsessive. You stop seeing the big picture and sweating the small stuff. I don't know how to stop sweating the small stuff. It's hard. 

I had a fabulous lunch with one of the actors that I work with yesterday. People's minds stagger me sometimes. Definitely the most fascinating two hours I've spent over the last couple of months. I am glad I know now how brilliant his mind is. 

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