Friday, June 6, 2008

Why Barack Obama Gives Me Hope

I believe in Barack Obama. 
It's nice to have something to believe in. I've lived in this country for seven years and have found myself constantly disappointed by the politics here. I feel as though the current administration has spent its time in office overreacting. 

I believe Barack Obama will pause to think. 
I feel as though this is a man that will weigh his options. I believe that he will take all angles of thought into consideration before he makes a decision. I believe that he will talk to experts and seek out other opinions before taking any kind of drastic measures. 

I believe Barack Obama cares. 
I honestly believe this man cares about changing the country for the better. I believe he cares about repairing the economy, increasing and improving our foreign relations, and fixing the damage done in the last 8 years.

I believe Barack Obama is the right President for my generation. 
I feel as though he understands the younger population. His grassroots campaign has become one of the most successful in history. His website is impeccable. He and his team honestly know what they are doing. 

I believe Barack Obama is the right age. 
I know that people speak of experience, experience, experience, but give me someone adaptable who is not completely set in their ways. Give me someone strong and vibrant and healthy with great charisma, give me someone with a pulse. 

I believe the Barack Obama can make changes. 
Hasn't he already made enough? It makes me proud to see how far this country has come from the beginning of the civil rights movement. I'm honored to see people finally recognize that it really is the person that counts, not their gender or appearance. 

I believe that Barack Obama believes in America. 
And really, thats one of the most important things to me. 

I'm a Permanent Resident here and I can't vote in the next election. Please, I'm asking with all my heart, make sure you do.

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DJ said...

Alot of people believe the things you do. He says alot of things that sound nice, but so do car salesmen. I'm sorry to disappoint you though, I can not bring myself to vote for him. He's way too much of a socialist. I hate Bush as much as anyone but Obama is not the answer. Niether is McWar. The two party system is broken. If you lean towards the left and you like alot of liberal principles I suggest you check out the Green party. Although my very own Libertarian party may have some things you like, do some research on the web see all the different ideoligies that are out there.

I'm not trying to be rude here but I can't help but wonder how can you call a campaign grassroots when it has recieved millions of dollars in corporate donations?