Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekly Financial Round Up

This was a bit of a naughty week for me. I did a little spending that I shouldn't have done. Mostly, it was on eating out, some of which was not controllable. Then a concert came up that we really wanted to go to. I could have done much better though. I did manage to get to June 10th without spending a penny. 

Spent - $81.36

Books - $11.58
Entertainment - $22.50
Food - $37.28

Extra Money Made - $79.50 

$73.50 - Etsy

This may look like it all evened out, but generally I only pull 20% or less of what I make out of Etsy. The rest goes in to shipping subscriptions and purchasing ingredients. So yes, rough week. 
Extra Money Needed to Make in June Remaining : $43

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